Booking a guest house with the correct guest house insurance


As a Bed and Breakfast or Guesthouse guest… the food is superb, the accommodation great, the setting beautiful, but what about the insurance?

As a traveller, whether you are a South African travelling at home or an international visitor to our shores, you will want to ensure that wherever it is that you chose to stay during your travels that the accommodation is of the level you would expect.

Accommodation that suits you, food you enjoy and a location in which you can relax. But what about the insurance of the establishment you have chosen?

Accidents can, and do happen! You need to be certain that if you are the unfortunate victim of an accident which is clearly the fault of the owner of the establishment in which you are staying, that you can seek compensation and know that the guesthouse has the correct and adequate insurances to look after you.

Sadly, many of the B&B and guesthouse establishments in South Africa do not have either the correct or adequate insurances in place. Where the guest house has not made adequate provision in their insurance they would need to meet the liabilities of legal costs and damages from their own resources.

A relatively small claim in Pounds would be hard for many guesthouses to meet in South African Rands.

In the event of a court case and successful claim by a guest, (due to the fault or negligence of the owner), whereby major costs are incurred and damages awarded, the likely result is you will actually receive very little.

It is for this reason that it is so important that when making a reservation at a B&B or guesthouse in South Africa, you confirm that they have the correct liability insurance in place.

The guest houses featured on this website have all had their insurance vetted by Incompass Insurance, providing you with the peace of mind you need when booking holiday accommodation.

Please note we do not charge for advertising on this site, take a commission or insist that the guest house insure with us – just simply that the correct cover for their guests is in place.

Guests can also enquire whether the guest house has cover with BnB Sure. BnB Sure provide a comprehensive policy for B&B’s and guesthouses that will be there to look after you, the traveller, should you suffer an accident the cause of which was the negligence of your host.

You can’t afford to ignore peace of mind when you travel. Support those guest houses that do the ethical and right thing by ensuring their guests are properly insured – Chose an establishment with the correct cover in place.