Stilbay Holiday Guide


Stilbay is known for the destination of dreams in the modern South Africa. This place captivates visitors, which fall in love with the unspoiled majestic nature which is complemented by harmonious safe and tranquil community.

Stilbay offers an unsurpassed natural experience on the Garden Route. In spring the town and the dunes are transformed into a spectacle of colour with thousands of flowers bursting into bloom. The steps if prehistoric nab can be marvelled at in the ancient fish traps which are visible at low tide. Tame eels are fed at 11h00 daily at the historic homestead, Palinggat.

The long white sandy Blue Flag beach lends itself to gentle strolls or exhilarating long walks, while the clean, clear ocean and river waters are perfect for water sports.

The Location of Stilbay

Less than an hour’s drive from Mossel Bay on the road to Cape Town (about 4 hours’ drive from Cape Town), you will find an unobtrusive board that declares the way to Stilbay. After fifteen or twenty minutes on this road, the quiet village will come into sight.

Also known as the Bay of Sleeping Beauty, it is one of the most attractive destinations along the fantastic Whale Coast between Cape Agulhas and the start of the Garden Route.
The Stilbay Vibe

If you are one of those people who love fading into a country lifestyle, where the naturalness of existence tends to touch every facet of human endeavours, you will adore Stilbay.
Stilbay or Stilbaai (Afrikaans) is a peaceful seaside resort far from the madding crowd.  The way of life in the small town is centred around the placid sea and river estuary which are visible from virtually any vantage point, creating a unique ambience experienced by all who visit Stilbay.
Stilbay – Amenities

Stilbay is host to a number of interesting archaeological sites, including ancient fish traps thought to have been built by early ancestors of the Khoi people of the Southern Cape. There is also a shell landfill that has been carbon dated to around 1,000 BC.

Another archaeological site is situated in a group of caves at Blombos, about 12 kilometers from Stilbay. Artefacts found at Blombos have been carbon dated to
around 75,000 BC, making it the oldest known human settlement today.

Places to see in (or near) Stilbay

  • Blombos cave
  • Soete Inval Botanical Garden
  • Pauline Bohnen Nature Reserve
  • Palinggat Homestead and Fountain
  • Jongensfontein Tidal Pool

Stilbay Activities

  • Golf
  • Bowls
  • Angling
  • Hiking
  • Water skiing
  • Fishing
  • Whale watching
  • Photography
  • Bird watching
  • Swimming and sunbathing
  • Surfing
  • Touch rugby

Eating out in Stilbay

Stilbay offers a small variety of take-out outlets and restaurants:

Stilbay restaurants :

  • Fynbos Restaurant
  • La Donna
  • Mila’s
  • Cupz Café
  • Pizza World
  • Stables Restaurant
  • Flame Chicken to Go
  • On The Rocks Steakhouse & Sports Bar
  • Die Lappiesbraai
  • Seemeeu Kosmandjie

Guesthouses in Stilbay

Please use the links below to access more details on the featured guest houses, where indicated read the owners/ manager page for the inside story!!

Peace Haven
Wild Olive